ELR Marcello of Oak Ridge

Multiple Black Champion ‘ Marcel’ is the new boy on the block. Open his fleece to discover a true black of exceptional quality! Marcel is an exciting edition, sired by our own Softfoot Shah ET.





Stud Fee:

Softfoot Shah ET

Silverstream Quela



In house only

Marcel has been a special very alpaca from the first time I saw him…  Although he looks bay black, open his fleece to discover a true blue black, and what a stunning fleece this is!!!

Super dense, super high frequency, ultra fine and an exquisite handle are all attributes to describe Marcel’s fleece. Truly, one of the most advance black fleeces I have seen.

Needless to say, there is much anticipation to have Marcel working, and to get his progeny on the ground.

Currently, Marcel will be working at Oak Ridge in house only.

Neogen Alpaca Coat Colour Test – Ee aa