Sierra Vista Black Knight

New to the Oak Ridge Stud Stable, Black Knight is an exceptional Black Huacaya – one we have been searching for with impeccable genetics and amazing fleece statistics.





Stud Fee:

Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset

Alpacaspecialist Lantana



In house only

We are very fortunate to have acquired a 50% shareholding in Black Knight with joint owners – Di & Graham Marks of Sierra Vista Alpacas.

This male is very impressive – with his third fleece tested by SGS (OFDA 2000) at the NZ Nationals 2016. His fleece results are – FD 17.4, SD 3.6, CV 20.7, CF 100%, CRV 36.9.

Black Knight’s fleece is maintaining excellent fineness with density, a high frequency fleece structure, great lustre and a beautiful handle. We had been excited to introduce him to some of the Oak Ridge females, and now have two seasons of high quality cria on farm, and the quality of these cria are fantastic, mostly in black & brown, with the most incredible handles to them, something not seen in black fleeces until now.

Black Knight has a wonderful relaxed temperament, as well as great type, and he compliments well with our other stud males. Thrilled to have him as part of the Oak Ridge Team, he has wonderful attributes that cannot be overlooked when considering top quality black genetics.

Neogen Alpaca Coat Colour Test – EE aa